Who we are

INNOC – Austrian Society for Innovative Computer Sciences is an independent research center founded in 2005 and located in Vienna, Austria.

A spirit of research and the pursuit of unconventional solutions characterise the work of INNOC. In the INNOC community, talents from various subject areas are encouraged to develop their creative potential to the maximum. This expertise is applied in the INNOC Research & Development department, to the benefit of science and industry.

INNOC conducts internationally known research and development in the field of innovative computer sciences, especially in artificial intelligence and robotics. International collaborative arrangements are in place with numerous universities and technology companies.

Amongst high-quality research science communication is a fundemental field of activity. INNOC provides an incentive to engage theoretically and practically with new technologies.

What we do

INNOC focuses its scientific work on a few strategic core competences. The research fields get evaluated and applied to future needs regularly.

Cognitive Systems and Robotics

  • Robotics
  • Man-Machine Interaction
  • Aritificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Pervasive Computing
  • Intelligent Control

Electronics and Embedded Systems

  • Sensor Technology
  • Electronic Circuits und Components
  • Embedded Systems and Real-time Systems